Edexcel launches investigation after A- level maths paper leaked online.

Exam board Edexcel has launched an investigation into how part of an A-level maths paper was leaked…

Another Prime minister from Eton School?

Not since Harold Wilson’s government set up a commission to deal with the “public school problem” has…

Record ethnic minority students at Oxford

Record ethnic minority students at Oxford Oxford University’s latest admissions figures show the highest ever proportion of…

Oxford students end of year exam

Oxford students defy university bosses to celebrate end of final exams by ‘trashing’ each other with silly…

Maths Challenge Award Ceremony 29th of June

Annul maths challenge award ceremony ( Kanitha Vizha) will be held on 29th of June in London….

Subaru Telescope captures 1800 exploding stars

A supernova is the name given to an exploding star that has reached the end of its…

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